Photographer's Guide to Capture One (2024)

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With the Photographer's Guide to Capture One (2024) eBook, you will learn and become an expert of Capture One, speeding up your workflow and getting the very best out of your raw images.

This eBook will guide you through the whole process of getting images into Capture One, organizing them, making image adjustments and finally exporting the shots. All topics are divided into logical chapters, making it easy to go from zero to hero.

Photographer's Guide to Capture One is meant for anybody that is new to Capture One Pro as well as more advanced users that want to expand their knowledge of certain tools or features. This is also the perfect guide if you are coming from Adobe Lightroom or other raw converters.

Photographer's Guide to Capture One caters to both professional photographers as well as advanced enthusiasts. There has been a strong emphasis on providing a large number of screenshots to turbo-charge the learning process, and a great deal of effort has been put into explaining features and terminology specific to Capture One Pro, so that all new users will feel right at home.

You are encouraged to check out the full Table of Contents of this guide here to better understand what is covered and how this eBook is structured.

Image editing is highly dependent on your visual preferences and the image at hand, so Photographer's Guide to Capture One is not a series of constrained step-by-step guides based on questions like "How do I saturate a blue sky?". The eBook will instead teach you how to select any color - including a blue sky - in Capture One, and enhance both colors and light balance of the selected color range.

The goal is to teach you the vast possibilities of the tools in Capture One, so you will be able to pick the right tool for the job. There are for example several ways to adjust contrast and light balance in Capture One Pro, and each tool has its place in the photographer's toolbox.

Before you buy the eBook, it is highly recommended that you check out this free sample chapter on the Normalize tool. It will get you a good impression of the content level and the writing style.

Quick facts about Photographer's Guide to Capture One (2024):

  • Covers Capture One Pro version 16.3
  • 60+ Chapters
  • Over 600 pages
  • More than 750 screenshots
  • Covers Capture One Pro, Capture One Fujifilm and Capture One for Phase One.
  • Language: English only
  • The eBook is published in both the ePub and Pdf file format.
  • A lightweight Pdf optimized for Send-to-Kindle is provided.
  • The ePub version optimized for viewing on an iPad.

Photographer's Guide to Capture One (2024) will be updated if any features are added to or changed in Capture One Pro during year 2024.

Support notice: This eBook is published in the fixed layout format which means that you can't change the size of the font to let the text reflow. The pdf version will, however, let you resize the view to fit your screen.

When you have clicked View product in your email to get access to the eBook, make sure that you click on Download (instead of Read) to save the eBook on your computer or iOS device.

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Photographer's Guide to Capture One (2024)

10 ratings
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